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Ouzo (Top) & Robbie (Bottom) - Two of my parents boxers whom i trained from a young age channeling boxer excitement into agility. Both of them have competed at a high level, Robbie and myself represented England and qualified for UKA grand finals.Ouzo was a very challenging boxer to train. She had a habit of just running of during our early stages of training. However i did work with her to stop this and she went on to win and compete in a very high level in which i am very proud of.

Sky - As sky is now part of my family i really thought it was important she was mentioned. Vinny (my fiancee) and his dog sky an Alaskan Malamute x Husky had problems walking of the lead, she would run miles if she got out the house. He found it difficult to enjoy walking her. People have stereotyped these breeds to stay on a lead and it did sky no good at all. I worked with them both using positive rewards and motivation and now she competes in competition where he couldn't bare to take he a year back and has no concerns that she will run away from him again. I am so proud that we have managed to change her for the better for her sake and Vinnys. 

Chico -Chico is very much my companion dog. I have always dreamed from a very young age of owning a pug and was very lucky when my parents bought him as a reward for passing some exams i had done. Not meant for serious agility i trained him a little. As he picked it up in almost 3-4 training sessions and seemed to love it a lot we now compete and he is again flying up the levels in competition and winning many classes. 

Laser - Laser is a highly motivated border collie with immense high drive. He has not been the easiest dog to train he has proven to me collies can be very hard work, but together we have channeled all his excitement into work drive.He has not been competing long but he has been winning consistently and also is working in a high level of heel work to music. I am very excited about his future.

Wupadup - Wupadup came into my life in 2010 age 2 and a half with only basic obedience training and basic agility training. Together we built up her confidence in agility and we work well together as a team. She quickly went through competition levels and is currently at champion level. She competes at master level too now as well. Wupadup also along with myself represented England twice. 


I have been instructing for five years, training all breeds from Staffies to Rhodesian Ridgback, breeds that don't get associated with the sport. As i have always believed any dog is capable!
My training is reward based using positive reinforcement. I train the handler and dog techniques which suits them.
Any level of agility and obedience is most welcome whether a complete beginner or advanced competition.
Any breed is welcome. 

I am currently completing my Kennel Club Accreditation Instructor City and Guilds Course. In the past i have trained with some of the best handlers in the country and been lucky enough to live and work with one of the best known dog and puppy trainers in the world Ewa Highland, working as her Personal assistant whilst making one of the best selling puppy training DVDs in the world which i was also in, training a German Shepard.

MonaMona was bred by my parents and from day one she was mine. We formed a wonderful bond doing everything together. She was 2years old when i joined a club near by and started training. She was a quick learner. She had great drive and enthusiasm which took us really far in the competition world, beating collies. Now aged nine she is a senior dog who is still competing strong despite a knee injury that put he out for over 2 years.


Louise Hawkins - About me

I have been competing in dog agility for over 10 years. I first started training and competing age 12 with my boxer bitch named Mona, winning many classes at UK Agility events across the country. Since then I have trained and successfully competed  with another boxer Ouzo and my collie Wupadup who I have qualified many times for UK Agility grand finals and twice represented England at the world open junior agility championships.
At the end of 2013 I was delighted to have gained Wupadups first title Steeplechase Champion. More recently I am training my young dog Laser whom I will be competing with at Kennel Club along with Wupadup as his progress in the ring is successful. Lastly not to be outdone my pug Chico who started agility for fun but is also competing and winning.

You will find videos of these dogs and photos in my gallery!